The Academic Wellness Hub

Addressing learning, performance, and instruction in the virtual learning environment

High Stress

Most students experienced higher stress levels than usual during virtual instruction

Low Retention

A majority of students had difficulty retaining information taught virtually

Fast Pace

Several students were overwhelmed by the pace and workload of online classes

Helpful Professors

Nearly all students found their professors accessible and mostly accommodating despite limited virtual interactions

On Campus Living

Students both experienced improved and worsened academic wellness after moving to campus for Spring 2021

Workload Growth

As virtual instruction continued, fewer considerations were made to adjust and workload grew substantially

About the Wellness Hub

The Wellness Hub is a platform dedicated to provide all Penn undergraduate students information about academic, social, and physical wellness of their peers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hub considers a variety of metrics such as time spent on learning class material, ability to retain/foster friendships, and the impact of virtual learning on good physical well being. Our extensive coverage of data summarizes the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and the Penn undergraduate community, showing areas of strength and improvement in student wellness.

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From SEAS Wellness Research & Analytics – Spring 2021. Led by Vaishnavi Pachava and developed with Craig Lee, Eli Prem, Nicole Chau, and Anthony Bell.

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