We are the only student-led Penn group focused solely on improving wellness in the engineering community. 

Our mission is to research how to improve student wellness through administrative and curricular changes, advocate for students by coordinating activities and events that emphasize well-being, and spread awareness about available resources within SEAS and across Penn.

Our group’s activities will include fostering discussion, collaboration, and idea-sharing spaces for students to address wellness in SEAS. We will advertise wellness resources to students through in-class presentations, partnerships with umbrella organizations such as Penn Wellness, as well as other student advocacy groups.

A note about Fall 2020: Given the remote nature of the semester, SEAS Wellness activities will be constrained by our virtual environment. Thus, this fall we will focus more on internal development, rather than in-person events. However, we are open to hearing your ideas and suggestions for wellness activities that we can facilitate this semester. 

Take a look at our different committees!


Focused on planning events, this committee is dedicated to building a sense of community among SEAS students.


This committee will work with administration and instructors to reform academic policies and improve student wellness.

Research & Analytics

By conducting surveys, gathering data, and utilizing quantitative tools, this committee will produce analysis to better understand student wellness.


This committee will focus on creating informative content that spread awareness about wellness resources.

Freshman Wellness Ambassadors

Consisting of a team of first-year Penn SEAS students, the FWA will plan events geared towards the freshman class.